One ear to the word of God, one ear to the people

“I met Father Longueville”, the Pope told young people from the diocese of Viviers on a visit to Rome in 2019.

“In Rioja, Monsignor Angelelli preached to us during a spiritual retreat on 13 June 1973 when I was elected provincial (the reference is probably to 31 July of the same year, the date of election of Jorge Mario Bergoglio as superior of the Argentine province of the Society of Jesus, ed). There I heard his advice: one ear to listen to the word of God and one to listen to the people. There is no such thing as lab-evangelisation: evangelisation is always hand-to-hand, personal, otherwise it is not evangelisation: hand-to-hand with the people of God and hand-to-hand with the word of God.


Bergoglio: one ear to the Gospel and one to the people, is the advice that Angelelli gave me (La Stampa)