Welcome to this website dedicated to the life and work of Blessed Enrique Angelelli, the JOC and JUC chaplain, who became a bishop in 1960 as well as a Council Father at Vatican II.

During the Council, he became a signatory to the Pact of the Catacombs and the Pietralata Message issued following the Masses for the Poor and for Workers organised by Helder Camara with Cardijn on 16-17 November 1965, the eve of the promulgation of Apostolicam Actuositatem, the Decree on Lay Apostolate.

He was eventually martyred along with several companions, French priest Gabriel Longueville, Franciscan Conventual Fr Carlos Murias and lay leader of the Christian Farmers Movement, Wenceslao Pedernera, in 1976.

On 27 April 2019, all four were beatified. Speaking the next day in Rome the next day, Pope Francis said:

“Dear brothers and sisters, yesterday in Rioja, Argentina, Bishop Enrique Angel Angelelli, Franciscan Fr Carlos de Dios Murias, fidei donum priest Fr Gabriel Longueville, and the catechist and family father Wenceslao Pedernera were proclaimed Blessed. These martyrs of the faith were persecuted for the cause of justice and evangelical charity. May their example and their intercession especially support those working for a more just and sympathetic society. One of them was French. He had gone to Argentina as a missionary. The other three were from Argentina.”

Stefan Gigacz

Site editor